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About the Courses

The College offers part-time Full year studies in Queensland. These studies are for Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders and are accredited nationally with all courses owned by Wontulp-Bi-Buya College Ltd.

A. Theological Studies

The Certificate III in Theology and Ministry provides a culturally sensitive foundation for leadership and work within Indigenous communities with a balance of studies and practice in the areas of: Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Personal and Community Development. We believe that our holistic approach develops people with confidence to undertake informed leadership in their communities, whether through employment or as catalysts for change within community life in general.

The Certificate IV in Theology & Ministry widens opportunities for employment within particular communities, including a preparation for the Diploma level.

The Diploma in Theology & Ministry program is the first step in higher level studies and prepares students for a range of fulltime leadership roles.

(Please note… Each denomination church have their own requirements for appointments and ordination, Wontulp-Bi-Buya College has no input into the candidates for ordination)

Employment may include: Priest/Minister; Pastoral Worker; Support Youth Worker; Community Resource Centre worker; Organisation Committee Member; Church Leader; Elder; Council Member; Lay Minister; Teacher Assistant in religious education

B. Certificate III in Addictions Management and Community Development

The Certificate III in Addictions Management and Community and Development is an accredited general studies course with a Christian perspective that aims to develop in students a facilitating style of leadership that draws people to act together in organisations and in processes of self-determination. This course also helps create a knowledge base that is culturally and holistically sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Through culturally appropriate training, students gain foundational skills in assisting changing patterns of alcohol and other addictions and foundations in analysing the development of community enterprises or projects. Upon completing this course, graduates will be able to act as role models within their communities and strengthening actions, advocacy and employment opportunities in some of the following:

  • Community Development Worker
  • Alcohol and other Addictions Counsellor
  • Conflict Manager
  • Support Youth Worker
  • Community Advocacy / Resource Worker

C. Certificate IV in Indigenous Mental Health (Suicide Prevention) (10446NAT)

The IMH course is designed to teach culturally appropriate valuable knowledge and applied skills in the field of Indigenous mental health and substance abuse, care support, healing and treatment. Students apply the knowledge and skills firstly in their own lives to deal with personal issues they are confronted with therefore benefit through  ‘personal healing’ and become role models and are empowered to work with their families and friends also work within their community as team player to find local solutions to deal with increased mental ill-health and substance abuse issues that are confronting most Indigenous communities today.

What some past students who have done the course said?
Student 1 – I have gained more knowledge that will assist me in my work and also in my community. It has inspired me to discuss the possibility of the training program being delivered in Broome so that the Kimberley people can experience this – It will assist with the issues we are experiencing.

Student 2 – To help my people to better themselves and their health to make them understand what alcohol and drugs can do to them and to teach the young one how to be aware of peer pressures of using alcohol and drugs and to be a good role model for the next generation of our children.

Student 3 – “I have learnt a lot about mental health in these three blocks, gaining valuable information from all areas – teachers and fellow students

This course empowers students to act as role models and change agents within their own community. It’s gives the student Industry skills and knowledge in the Addiction field and Indigenous Mental Health field so they are employment ready and can apply for employment opportunities in the following areas of employment:

  • Indigenous Mental health worker
  • Mental Health worker
  • Alcohol & Other Addictions Counsellor
  • Policy advisor
  • Health Worker
  • Youth worker
  • Advocacy worker
  • Suicide Prevention worker
  • Family Life Promotion Officer