RTO No 1712

Recognition of Prior Learning and Current Competencies

A) Recognition

The College may recognise a student’s prior experience and learning in a particular unit of a course. Evidence of prior learning and current competence is gathered to assess against the learning requirements of the relevant unit (elements and performance criteria). The assessment has to be consistent with the Evidence Guide for the unit of competency involved.

The evidence may include:

  • work records
  • records of training elsewhere
  • assessments of current skills
  • assessments of current knowledge
  • supporting evidence from third parties including tutors, support persons, trainers, clients, industry authorities
  • confirmation of relevant volunteer experience
  • informal learning, including local courses and life experience.

The evidence may come from learning and experience in the past and also evidence of current competency.

The evidence must be:

  1. Vaild
    The evidence must relate directly to the requirements of the unit of competency concerned.
  2. Current
    Evidence older that 5 years must be supported by evidence that the skills and knowledge have been used, reinforced and updated by more recent learning and work opportunities.
  3. Authentic
    The assessor must ensure that the evidence is that of the candidate and not someone else, and is supported by evidence from records, supervisors, trainers or other support persons.
  4. Sufficient
    The evidence must be sufficient for the assessor to make a confident judgement that the person is competent in the requirements of the unit.
    It is important that the person can apply the skills and knowledge over time and transfer the skills and knowledge to a number of different contexts.

B) The Recognition Process

  1. On commencement, course coordinators advise students of the availability of recognition of prior learning and current competency and discuss with their students whether they may be eligible.
  2. Students advise their Course Coordinators or field staff if they wish to make a claim for Recognition.
  3. The Course Coordinator, Recognition Assessor or field staff explains the process to the student, advises what information the student has to supply, and ensures that the student has a copy of the relevant module descriptors.
  4. The student checks the learning outcomes for each module for which they are claiming exemption, and organises evidence to prove that they have achieved all the learning outcomes of those modules. Course Coordinators, tutors and field staff may support them in this process.
  5. Written support for Recognition claims may be submitted by students and tutors or field staff to the Academic Coordinator.
  6. The Academic Coordinator recommends to the Theology or Community Organising staff meeting the unit(s)  for which the student should be given credit.
  7. If Recognition is then awarded, the Academic Coordinator notifies the record-keeper in writing of the units for which exemption and credit have been granted. The student is recorded as having completed the particular units.
  8. The student may appeal against a decision by written submission to the Principal. The Principal or another Faculty member who was not involved in the original assessment will re-examine the evidence and make a decision. The Principal will advise the student  and the Academic Coordinator of the outcome.
  9. A fee for assessment of Recognition may be determined on an individual basis at the time of application.

C) National Recognition

Wontulp-Bi-Buya College recognises qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by any other Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

National recognition is a process where students show they have been assessed as competent for particular units or competencies. Students involved in the national recognition process must provide a statement of attainment from an RTO that meets regulatory requirements and shows the student as competent in the unit of competency. Wontulp-Bi-Buya College will recognise such statements of attainment of other RTOs and report these as credit transfer when applicable.