RTO No 1712

Funding and Gifts

The Queensland based Churches of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting Church provide support through the College Board with 3 representatives from  Queensland. It is ideal where practical to have at least one representative of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander on the Board. Each Member Church provides annual funding for ongoing support in the College operations.

Other funding received are from the Anglican Board of Mission, Government funding from either Local, State or Commonwealth Departments.

Gifts from individuals and groups are also an important resource for the College operation. See details of the Gift Fund below and Read about our Appeal.

Federal Government funding under the Away From Base Program funded through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is provided to assist students with residential and travel costs, and other costs. Eligible Students are required to apply for Abstudy once their enrolment is accepted by the College.


The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed Wontulp-Bi-Buya College as a Deductible Gift Recipient for three funds that it operates.

GIFTS to the following three funds are deductible under Item 1 of the Table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donors may claim income tax deduction for donations to these funds.

The Gift Funds are controlled and managed by the Management Committee of Wontulp-Bi-Buya College.


The Building Fund was established to raise funds for the purchase of buildings intended to support the operation of the College. Buildings may include staff accommodation, administration office, student accommodation and training facilities.

Currently the College has insufficient funds to purchase buildings. The College operates by leasing office, meeting and library space from the Trinity Lutheran Church at 472 Severin Street, Manunda, in Cairns. The church hall was renovated for this purpose.

The premises of Cairns Colonial Club Resort, are leased for student accommodation and training rooms during the year.

With additional courses from 2011; there is now a even greater demand for the College to have it’s own campus style facility in providing improved administration and training services to our students.

The College Board has had a dream for some years of being able to establish College campus facilities at a suitable location. Substantial funds are needed to realise this dream.

The College is currently seeking funds to purchase a residence for the Principal of the College.


The College Library is maintained at the Administration offices at 472 Severin Street, Manunda.

The collection includes a basic collection of Biblical and theological resources, and a special collection of Indigenous cultural and historical resources. An appropriate collection of books and commentaries are made available in the classroom at each study block.

Suitable donations of books are also appreciated to add to the collection.


  1. Objectives
    The Wontulp-Bi-Buya College Scholarship Fund is established to provide funds that may be used to award scholarships of financial assistance to Australian Indigenous persons resident in the state of Queensland to undertake study of an accredited course in the field of theology, business or community development at an Australian higher education institution or registered training organisation.
  2. Funds
    Funds are sought from public donations and corporate sponsorship.
  3. Process
    1. Applicants shall apply in writing to the Principal stating:
      •  personal details
      •  current qualifications
      •  current occupation or area of ministry
      •  the proposed course of study
      •  the kind of assistance sought
      •  names and contact details of two referees
    2. Written applications will be considered by the Management Committee of Wontulp-Bi-Buya College and the Committee may at its discretion award scholarships subject to the availability of funds.
    3. Consideration shall be given to the potential for academic achievement and the personal circumstances of each applicant. Assistance provided may include the cost of fees, travel and incidental expenses.



    A Student Bursary Fund is maintained as a source to assist students of the College with a particular financial need in relation to their studies.
    While the main costs of student travel and accommodation is met by DEST and Abstudy provisions, there are occasional emergency needs in relation to personal and medical needs and limited bursary assistance can be provided.

    General non-tied donations are added to the Program Development Fund. This Fund is a resource that assists in seeding new staff and program development and in meeting unfunded commitments.

Updated on the 6th of February 2017.